,How FUE Surgery is performed via Manual Punch?

Manual punch is an original FUE instrument with circular hollow scalpel having a diameter of 0.7 to 1.0 millimeter. This instrument is used for performed a hair surgery. What is important to know at this point is that outcome of an FUE Hair Restoration in Dubai is not dependent on an instrument. It is completely depend on skill and experience of a surgeon. No matter how advanced instrument is used, if a surgeon is not skillful then you are unable to enjoy great results of a surgery. An advanced instrument increases efficiency and improve operative time, though. Manual punch is commonly used to perform this surgery. Let’s find out how a surgeon uses this instrument during surgery.

A hair transplant physician places punch over the donor hair portions hair. He presses it downward with manual rotation to incise the skin around visible portion of follicle hair unit. These incisions make FU free from its surrounding tissue. He extracts FU by traction with forceps. He removes FU units one by one until he has adequate number of donor hair are available to perform a hair surgery. It is possible that some follicular hair units get damaged during incision or extraction process. A physician usually checks quality of FUE under microscope after extraction and then turns them into grafts.

It is good to know that an FUE session is long, it requires several hours from physician. He carefully removes hair, because he needs good quality FUE which can bring the best surgery results. When manual punch is used for hair follicle unit extraction, then a physician harvests fewer hair follicles as compared to FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai. More than one session may be required to complete this job.