Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

When you are facing hair loss problem then you have to decide between surgical and non surgical hair restoration option. This decision is not really simple. In case you don’t know what will be the best for you then continue reading to explore more.

Laser Therapy

Non surgical hair restoration

Mostly people try to avoid surgery at any cost. They don’t want to opt for it due to fear or some other reasons. No doubt, non surgical options work but only when you are not facing genetic hair loss problem or alopecia. When your hair loss is normal kind then you can use medicines. Two popular medicines which are used to treat hair loss are Rogaine and Minoxidil. They are quite famous and have good hair restoration characteristics. Low Laser Therapy in Dubai is another option and it brings great results. However, this therapy works for some people and doesn’t bring good results for others. So, the main results of this therapy vary from one person to another. If you still don’t need a surgery then you should consider changing your hairstyle or just to learn how to live with bald head.

Surgical hair restoration

This is the best solution for those people who are facing alopecia or male pattern baldness. Two common kind of hair surgeries are FUE and FUT hair restoration in Dubai. FUT is a traditional hair surgery which is quite affordable. FUE is an advanced hair surgery which brings the great results but people skip it just because of its high cost.

Now you have got an idea about both surgical and non-surgical solution of hair loss. I am sure you will find it easy to decide which option will work the best for you.

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