What the hell is Three Pipe VC?

Learn about startups and building products. Because, well, it’s way cheaper to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

I’ve done a lot of writing about startups and how not to completely screw yourself over as you’re trying to bring a product to market. Most of that lived here on Medium, but there’s a problem with that: I write about a lot of stuff that isn’t particularly relevant to people who are into startups.

Three Pipe VC is my shiny new publication where I’ve collected the stuff I’ve written about the process of creating a company. Lessons in marketing, fundraising, making magic happen, and some assorted advice as well. The hope is to eventually add other writers, too, to add more perspectives.

So — if you’d rather avoid my non-startup-related ramblings, but do want to be kept on the loop, subscribe to the Three Pipe VC publication, and Medium will be delighted to oblige.

What’s with the name?

Running a startup is a barrage of challenges and complex puzzles. Occasionally, taking your brain out of the problem you’re trying to solve to get a different perspective is a good idea. Sherlock Holmes, one of my favorite solvers of abstract problems, would occasionally need to go for a stroll to figure out what he was trying to solve.

“It is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won’t speak to me for fifty minutes, Watson.”

Also, @ThreePipeVC was free. As was threepipe.vc. So that was nice.

So are you a VC?

Sure. VC stands for Venture Cheerleader. Or Venerable Chump. Or Verily Correspondatory. Whatever floats your boat.