Same Drugs

And we don’t do the same drugs no more

You were the captain

I boarded the ship

You were the dealer

I bought from you

You had control

And you knew it

You ran back when you needed my currency

You ran back when you need a crew member

Then I woke up

I saw the true image

You were leading me into a pit

I would never have returned

And oh boy I know my worth

And I know my future

And this isn’t it

You use me when you want to

And when I need to, you’re nowhere to be found

I’m like a fiend looking for a hit

And there’s nothing in sight

We don’t do the same drugs no more

People grow

I get it

You went about it wrong

Guess we have different values

What we hold important isn’t the same no more

I pegged down a couple of levels

But still high enough for you to want a taste of me

Oh what a shame

I don’t do the same drugs no more

I grew and I realised this habit ain’t what I thought it was

So I cashed out

I’m the captain now

Yet I feel like I’m becoming more like you

Leading people onto my ship

To buy my drugs

Just to leave them dry

We become the people we really don’t want to be