The notes posted to the windows and walls outside the hospital looking for loved ones who were never found were heart-wrenching.
Fifteen years ago, New York City was changed forever when terrorists struck down the Twin Towers of…

As an “outsider” watching this horror from Arizona, it was hard to understand such a huge tragedy until I saw the posters on TV. In many shots where reporter would be giving an update from the scene, you could see several people in the background holding up missing person posters. You could see hundreds of posters attached to every wall and fence and street light post. That was when the understanding hit home. These people probably knew in their hearts that their loved ones were gone, but there was always that slight chance that maybe they had somehow cheated death and were wandering the streets with amnesia. If you search for “9/11 missing person posters” you can find some photos and videos. And if you search for the names listed on the posters, you’ll find every one in the list of victims. Heart-wrenching, oh yeah, even to an outsider.

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