I used to love guns, too. Now I think of them as emergency equipment, like fire extinguishers.
Bill St. Clair

Nice response, Bill. When people tell me that I feel the need to carry a gun because I am so afraid of life. I give them a similar response. “When you get into your car, do you fasten your seat belt? If so, why? Are you so afraid of getting into a car crash that you feel the need to strap yourself in?” They usually tell me that they aren’t afraid at all, just making use of safety equipment that will protect them in case something bad happens. Then I inform them that my gun is a piece of safety equipment also, and that I carry it in case my life is in danger. The cartoon contained some of the standard hoplophobic platitudes that have come to expect, and some of the responses contained the rest. Not funny, and not even close to truthful.

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