Salman Khan Rapegate
Nish Rao

Thank you for writing this article. It appears that the news media uses the same tactics all over the world. I moved from Arizona to Oregon last year, and I was surprised at how different the news broadcasts are in Oregon. Here’s an example. A woman was having cancer treatments that made her weak, so she got a temporary permit to allow her to park her car in a space designated for handicapped people. So one day she parked her car in a handicapped spot, and a man nearby saw her walking away from the car. He made a comment that she did not seem to be handicapped, and she was offended. That story was reported as “news.”

Dear news media — people are offended all the time by everything in the world. Reporting that as “news” is wrong. It should be reported as gossip. Please stop wasting our time with trivial issues when there are important things that we need to know.

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