Personal Goals for 2017

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Hello world

So this is my first ever blog piece and I am going to use it to hold myself accountable in 2017. To be clear, this is not a list of my New Year’s resolutions, but is a reflection of my aspirations for 2017, if life has taught me anything this year it’s that a lot can change in a short amount of time! As such I’ll be updating this piece with my progress and thoughts throughout the year, hopefully every 3 months or so.

2016 was a pretty big year for me. It was my first full year in work after graduating in July 2015, my girlfriend and I bought a flat in london and moved in together for the first time, my parents moved country to live in America and I’ve settled on my career and found something that I love and am paid for. Phew. That’s quite a bit right? Well I am hoping 2017 has even more in store for me.

Weight loss

The biggest thing I’d like to achieve in 2017 is to lose 4 and a half stone.

That’s about 63 lbs or 29 kilos. Wish me luck.

Weight is something I’ve struggled with all my life, but at the tail end of 2016 I decided it was time to make a change. I have lost about 17 lbs since November, but more importantly I can feel a positive mental shift and for the first time ever I feel like I now have the ability to deliver on the promise that I have broken to myself time and time again.

I am not on a diet in 2017, I am making changes to my life; mostly in the form of eating less and moving more. Sound simple right? I am using MyFitnessPal to track everything that I eat and I am making small changes like walking to the station (a mile) and standing up and walking around more while at work. I’m hoping to ramp things up as 2017 progresses and I lose more weight (hopefully), but for now I feel ‘comfortably challenged’ with this plan and it seems to be working so far!


Now that I have found my passion in the work place, I want to double down on it and really develop my skills as a designer. I’ve been an Experience Designer for most of 2016 and I’ve come a long way, those are not my words but those of my colleagues, I promise! I’ve earned the trust of senior colleagues and I’m now working on a pretty big projects with quite a bit of responsibility and honestly, I love it. But I know that I have lots to learn, which for me is massively exciting.

In 2017 I want to keep developing my visual design skills, but also begin developing my understanding in the business side of design. I love crafting solutions and designing interactions and flows to delight users, but I am also deeply interested in understanding the ways great design can add value to business and change the status quo.

I think that will do for now! I’ll update this as soon as I have made some progress…

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