A Note from Halcyon’s CEO: What is The Halcyon Movement?

By Joshua Tijerina

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a “real” launch for The Halcyon Movement: our 501c3 tax exempt status was approved by the IRS (and just before the December 31 deadline!), our Facebook and Twitter accounts are starting to roll, and we are starting to publish content. I want to offer a couple of updates to let you know where we are, but this being the first Friday note, I thought I might take a moment and explain The Halcyon Movement.

We would say that we are connecting truth to action for social good. There is actually quite a bit to unpack there. First, the truth constitutes the eternal and foundational values that are necessary for a good and just society. We believe that these foundational values have degraded to the point that there is a disconnect between the present social values and true morality. We want to reconnect the two, and that requires action. So, we will be building out “campaigns,” or calls-to-action, for people to participate in creating a social movement towards a good and just society.

As such, our mission is to activate unreached generations to build a good and just society through values-based content, campaigns, and alliance building. The “unreached generations” is how we at Halcyon refer to our generation, Millennials, which are individuals roughly between the ages of 18 and 39. Our mission is meant to ultimately reach our organizational vision, which is a good and just society that promotes the family and the good of our Christian faith freely lived out.

Since we have just “launched” we have a lot of work to get to where we want to be, but we have some significant progress that we are really proud about.

  • As stated, we are a tax exempt nonprofit so all donations are tax deductible
  • Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are up, so please follow us on both
  • We are currently building out our site, but you can see the unfinished product here, and while you are there sign up for our newsletter
  • Since the blog is under construction we are posting on Medium right now, so you can get our latest content on our account here
  • Our donation page will be up and running in early February, so I will send out an update as soon as it is ready (remember: get updates by signing up for our newsletter)

And one really quick note on some big news: U.S. House of Representatives voted to De-Fund Planned Parenthood this week! You can read about it here and here.

Last, we look forward to chatting with you, so hit us up on Twitter if you have any questions or need info.