It has become apparent that all forms of social media have emerged as prominent sources of news, entertainment, and communication in today’s society. The micro-blogging platform Twitter has caught the eye of world’s most used search engine Google. Well the parent company known as Alphabet has interest in purchasing Twitter.

What would people think if Google bought Twitter? The possibilities are endless.

The data that is captured by billions of users worldwide is invaluable. With the emergence of big data, companies are able to track user behavior and market trends.

We live in a world that is driven by instant gratification and instantaneous results. People simply want to know what is happening in the world as soon as it happens.

As a proponent of this purchase, I believe that this goes hand in hand with a previous post about analytics and communication in healthcare.

One of the most common problems in the environment of business is are the countless forms of obstacles which we encounter on a daily basis. Whether these be conflicts with external entities, colleagues, comrades, or clients, there is usually an optimal way to deal with individual scenario. As outlined in this article, there are three ways to deal with adversity in the work place.

Teamwork and time management have become an essential component to the overall success of individuals in the work environment.
  • Seek out a knowledgeable mentor.
  • Develop an alternative plan for success.
  • Keep a calm demeanor at all times.

With these strategies in mind, you can overcome all obstacles in your way. So just remember the…

The messaging application called Slack has taken the world by storm in recent years. The collaboration between several enterprises has become a useful communication tool for business entities within the private sector. Slack’s current valuation has much to do with its short-term success.

According to Fortune, the forecast has contributed immensely to the overall value of the company. Countless venture capitalists have invested their hard earned revenues into the foundation of this new innovation. You might ask why did they put their trust into a messaging application where there is already a dominant firm?

Fortunately, Halden Zimmermann is a seasoned veteran within the world of healthcare analytics. His take on this new technological advancement is that it lowers the amount of reliance on traditional modes of online communication such as email. Slack eases the process of sending data significantly easier.

Exhibit I — TiVo Resource Based View and Strategy

Exhibit 1

III. Role of Competitors and Complementors in the TiVo Strategy

Using the value net framework suggests that when products are close to complementors, they have little value to consumers individually; rather consumers’ value the whole system (see Exhibit II — Brandenburger — Nalebuff).

TiVo’s complementors (DIRECTTV) have a positive impact on value by generating networking effects with improved technology and services within the system. TiVo must manage these strategic relationships to maximize the collective value they create through effective bargaining and negotiation. Competitors (like Microsoft Ultimate TV) also play an integral role in TiVo’s strategy, as they are significant threats…

II. TiVo’s Unique Resources that Support their Competitive Strategy

TiVo pioneered the technology for recording and replaying broadcast programs. TiVo used strategic partners to: (1) manufacture and embed TiVo’s technology into 3rdbrand, (3) distribute HW via retailers, and (4) invest in the firm. TiVo’s competitive strategy leveraged its internal and external resources to be the first mover (see Exhibit I for a resource-based strategic analysis). Whether TiVo will be able to sustain its competitive strategy will be determined by how it addresses the following competitive factors:

Transferable/Replicable — The hardware is replicable, Replay TV offers a similar product. TiVo must…

I. TiVo’s Competitive Strategy

TiVo, Inc. was founded on the vision: “Television network programming should be individualized by the watching public”. Basically the TiVo “system” allows individuals to watch their preferred programs within their “low opportunity cost” time. This led to the company’s overall competitive strategy of distinguishing itself within the digital video recording (DVR) industry through a differentiated product system, including:

TiVo subscription service: Unique DVR hardware (HW) and software (SW) technology that “learns” users behavioral information to provide personally customized viewing program services.

Intermediary Technology: HW and SW technology interfaces between the broadcast media (cable, satellite, etc.) …

Tables for the first two parts of the UNext Corporate Strategy.

Halden Zimmermann

Chicago native, a well-versed businessman and scholar who specializes in continuous improvement, digital content marketing and business strategy.

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