Global Warming & Its Impact on Syria

Earth has long been a planet known for its suitability for life forms to exist. This is all thanks to our atmosphere which maintains the constant flow of incoming and outgoing radiation; but the presence of greenhouse gases (GHGs) absorbs this radiation and once it is absorbed, the radiation moves slower while exiting the Earth causing the planet’s temperature to rise. With this being said, the more GHGs being produced the warmer the planet gets. This effect is called global warming which was first discovered in 1896 by Svante Arrhenius. Although this claim was later verified in 1987, it has been a topic that has been widely ignored and now is a serious issue facing humankind. As the globe increasingly gets warmer year after year, the sustainability of life on Earth has come into question.

The rising temperature of the Earth is posing a real threat to people and animals across the globe. From rising sea levels to severe drought, the effects of global warming are causing mammals from everywhere to relocate. Global warming is also impacting our crops and meat supply, posing more threats to life on Earth. Although we are all affected by global warming, there are parts of the world that are being impacted in extreme ways. For example, the rising sea level I mentioned earlier will cause flooding along coasts and low level areas. For reasons such as this, people are seeking relief from these weather conditions by relocating to areas that are not as impacted by global warming; these people are called “climate refugees”.

In 2006, Syria began to face severe drought. In the 1970s there was a call for agricultural self-sufficiency that was not well planned by the Syrian government. The country did not have enough water resources to maintain the crops they were growing, so they began to drill wells to tap into underground water. Unfortunately, this just led to more and more wells being drilled deeper and deeper. By the time it became illegal to drill wells without a license, it was too late. People ignored the need for a license because the need for water was much greater; they were drilling out of desperation to find water. This drought has been the catalyst not only for refugees to find climate relief elsewhere, but for a major upheaval and revolution of the Syrian government.

It is now hard to tell why refugees are seeking relief because of the major conflict facing Syria today, but we can deem that the crisis they are facing was influenced by the lack of resources present in Syria. This ongoing struggle has been violent and difficult for Syrians. Refugees are facing more and more difficulty as the days pass as many countries are not allowing these people to find sanctuary on their land. Most Syrian refugees remain in the Middle East in countries such as Turkey and Lebanon, but some have escaped to Europe in order to find refuge.

The growing effects of climate change are real and can only become more severe as time continues. The overproduction of greenhouse gases by daily use of things like cars and factories is causing a major impact on our planet and the people that exist here. Syrian refugees are just one example out of the many people struggling to exist and survive in our Earth’s current conditions. The time to make change is now.