Blog Tour Booked

Now What?

You have a new release and now you’re ready to promote it. Maybe you want to advertise a sale. One way to do this is through a blog tour.

But it can be hard to come up with content for a long blog tour.

Start out with your media kit. This should include your book blurb (sometimes a short and a long version), your book cover image, author photo, book tour badge if you have one, buy links, your author contact information with your social media links to your website, blog, Twitter, etc., and excerpts.

It is good to include up to four excerpts in the media kit of varying lengths and/or heat levels. That way, each blogger can choose which fits best with their site. It is also good to publicize more than one excerpt of your book. If a blogger asks for a book spotlight all you have to send them is the media kit. However, most bloggers would prefer the author turn in original content. Here are some ideas on what kind of blog posts to write.

Readers love to get to know your characters. A character interview can be fun. Have your hero or heroine answer some questions. Another thing you can do is compile a top ten list from your character’s perspective. Top ten lists are very popular. Titles like “The Top Ten Reasons Not to get Married” or “Top Ten Reasons Werewolves are Better than Vampires” will draw attention to your post. Do any of your characters cook or bake? If so, you can write a blog post and include a recipe.

Readers always ask authors how they got the inspiration or idea for their story. A blog post on how your story came to be, the triumphs and struggles of writing your story, or the writing process behind your story are all common blog tour posts. Do you listen to background music when your write? Do you create a unique playlist for each book or each character? Readers enjoy blog posts with embedded YouTube videos or pictures. Make the content visually pleasing.

Along with getting to know an author’s writing process, readers like to get to know authors better. Writing a blog post about your personal experience can often get readers to comment and share their own experiences. Are you afraid of snakes and therefore made your hero afraid of snakes? Maybe the fishing trip in the story was inspired by your yearly family outing.

Let’s face it, whether we know it or not, authors always put a little of themselves in every story they write.

Another idea is to write a genre specific post. Are you a science fiction author? You could write a blog post about science fiction technology and how you incorporated that in your book. Are you a historical fiction author? You could write a blog post about what life was like in the time period of your book. It is also possible to go more general and talk about a trope or common theme.

You can tie something happening in your book to current events. Will fans of a new movie like your book? You could write a blog post about the movie. If your book was a movie who would you cast as the main characters?

The ideas for blog posts are endless. Once you’ve written a few posts it tends to get easier. One post will inspire the next blog post. Blog tours are a great way to promote your book and reach new readers. Have fun with the content and get creative.