How to create a killer SMS campaign in China

Text message is one of the most direct and effective way to engage Chinese consumers. However, having your messages stand out among hundreds of other SMS is no easy job. Here is a list to help you create a killer SMS campaign!

1. Are you using a reliable number?

SMS spam and fraud have been increasing due to information leak. Therefore, it’s essential to have a sender’s number verified by the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). Such number starts with 10690.

2. Customers hate waiting

If you are sending promo code or verification number, make sure that your message arrives within a few seconds. It’s reported that recipients get annoyed if they wait more than 10 seconds for a verification code.

3. Link the message to your site

When sending a promotional message, it’s always helpful to include a link to your website/landing page for detailed information. In the landing page, you can ask the recipients to submit more personal info to participant in an activity. In addition, you can also track how many people clicked on the link, so as to optimize the SMS content for next time.

4. Use SMS for event organization

If you are organizing an event, SMS not only attract people to register immediately, but also save you a lot of energy. For example: a company is organizing an offline event for new product release in 4 different cities. Recipients can register by replying one of the city names. A triggered message will then be sent to inform them about the registration status. Your SMS campaign can also be connected to the CRM for a multichannel approach.

5. Make good use of MMS

The use of MMS (image, GIF…) gives your message a dynamic look and hence improves interaction.
Lacoste launched an SMS campaign that eanbled users to win a trip to Sanya. An image (see below) was included for recipients to register for the raffle. Once people scanned the QR code, they were directed to a page to get enrolled by submitting their personal details. In this way, Lacoste was able to enhance interaction, as well as collecting more user information.

A brand for tea drinks also used MMS to attract franchisees. It used images to demonstrate the look of its stores and products, while terms & conditions were specified in the text.

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