What’s so good about email marketing?

We love email and so do our 2000 clients. Some people consider it ‘old-school’ because it has been around for decades. Despite of the rise of social media and SEO, email still remains as the #1 marketing tool with the highest ROI. When implemented with good strategy, email marketing can bring you surprising results!

In 2015, Webpower sent out more than 11 billion emails for our clients, covering 14 industries in China. So, what is so good about this marketing tool?

Easy to operate

Email marketing campaign is easy to design and implement, which saves you a lot of time and energy. Moreover, you can also schedule the sending to ensure you emails arrive on the right time.

Easy to personalize

Comparing to other marketing tools, especially social media, email can be highly personalized to conduct 1-to-1 communication. At the same time, customer online behavior can be integrated with email to further identify their likings/preferences.

Email campaigns are measurable

Many marketers are struggling with how to quantify and measure the outcome of their campaigns. Well, no worries about email. You can easily measure your email open and click rate, as well as when, where and on which device did customers reacted to your mailing.

Lead generation tool

Personalized emails can easily help you attract leads/traffic. For example, send a reminding message when someone abandoned his/her shopping cart; or send a special offer on one’s birthday. According to researches, email is one of the best tools for impulsive shopping — readers are directed to the ‘checkout’ page within one click.

Those who subscribe are already interested in your offering

To receive a newsletter/offer, customers take the initiative to subscribe to your mailing. Email marketing is one of the very few channels that customers request for information in the first place, allowing you to achieve higher conversion rate.

Low cost

One of the greatest benefit of email marketing is its low cost, because you know exactly who you’re talking to. While hiring a KOL or creating a social media blast easily costs you tens of thousands of RMB, launching an email campaign significantly reduces the cost.

Immediate results

Thanks to the immediacy of email marketing, companies can start to see results a few minutes after sendouts. More than 80% of the email opens occur in the first 48 hours after a mailing is sent out.

Effective — best ROI

With low cost and higher chance of conversion, email marketing certainly offers the best ROI. With email campaigns, companies can improve their ROI by an average of 30%.

So, email marketing is a must! With all the privileges offered by email, companies are able to reach, engage and constantly strengthen the bond with their customers, at affordable rate!

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