HAHA! The joke is on you, UPS…

Of all things we do today in San Francisco, there are still a few things that need to catch up on the progress we made in past 10 years. One of which is the subject of my post.

A week ago, we had to ship a package to our China Office from San Francisco. It was supposed to be a very simple process. Book a Shipment. Actually Ship it. Deliver.

But look at this:

They delayed the shipment because they said there is a missing invoice. Well, we get that. We got a call from them to fax them the invoice. We did….. But it was delayed again, and we were informed that the package will be returned back to us. Next thing you know, this happened:

They shipped our package off to Alaska. We were flabbergasted. We couldn’t make sense of this whole situation, at all. This is what my colleague had to say over email:

Yes. It was odd. It was rather stupid of UPS to send it off to Alaska, when the package had a missing document, only to return it back to us without returning out payment. But then this happened:

Instead of returning back to us, they sent the shipment off to China. While still saying they’re returning the shipment to us, they delivered it in China. :P

So of all things UPS claims to do, they still cannot update their Transit system properly. They claim they have a centralized tracking system. But then, had it been centralized, how could the shipment go to China?

It became a good campfire story for me. Moreover, I learnt a big lesson. Things will go wrong at the places you least expect. Write that down.


Originally published at www.halfindian.com.