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Can you imagine how bad the world would be like in 2025? 2050? 2100?

Would the Earth resemble the scene in Wall-E above?

Today, you and I, on average, would use four times the amount of clothes our parents did. If we were to continue consuming at this rate, 27 earths will be needed by 2050 to sustain us.

Consumerism needs no introduction as you have probably heard of it countless of times. In a way, we are all accountable to this problem. With the rise of materialism in this era of prosperity and connectivity, we should not point fingers…

The dreamers that can’t sleep

2 am. It’s the grey area between a Goodnight or Good Morning.

Tucked in bed but the mind is awake. “I really ought to get some sleep, gotta be up at seven. Oh wait!” Creative juices start flowing. Inspiration decides to pay a visit. “Oh well, better get my notebook.”

4 am. My body submits into the warm embrace of my bed. “I’m so gonna regret this tomorrow…oh wait, I mean today…well, at least I'm happy with what I wrote….”

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, you might be one of those…

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Meet someone new. Smile. Hands shaken. Names exchanged. Then comes the question, “Tell me about yourself!”

“I am…uhh…”

I struggled to find an answer. You must be wondering: Isn’t this a very simple question to answer? There got to be something that makes me unique. Right? ….Right?!?

Nope! Wrong!

Going through the cookie cutter education system in Singapore turned me into a regular sized cookie. Perfectly round shaped, with a diameter 2 cm wide, and four chocolate chips added on top. Just the same as all the other 5.4 million perfect cookies.

However, it is unfair to blame the education…

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Having just graduated from University, I confess that I have never been more lost.

Everyone’s heard of mid-life crisis, but there’s another crisis midway of that too. It’s probably the reason why the mid-life crisis exists, cause people mess that up. I'd call it the quarter-life crisis.

Quarter-life crisis is summed up perfectly by the picture above. Cruising on with life when suddenly the track below me vanishes. I call this track Education, which I have been dutifully following its path for about 20 years. Quarter-life crisis hits when the track ends and suddenly I’m free to head in any…

Ivan Lim

Firefighter, Astronaut, Doctor, Teacher, Policeman? Nah, just a Dreamer.

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