Hello, Good Day.

in between seasons

There are reasons some days immediately begin feeling better than others, but they do not always come with the words to explain why. The minute I opened my eyes today, I knew this was going to be one of those better-than-the-other types of days. The anticipation that I could go about uncovering how that truth would come to be is the essence of what makes us — you and me — hopeful, curious creatures. Discovery is enchanting. Curiosity is insatiable. And desire is nearly always all consuming even when it’s a subtle whisper that comes with blinking eyelids on a chilly, late August morning.

Most of my day went on like many of the yesterdays that came before it, but then, I did something I never did before in the two years in which I’ve lived where I do: I decided to get up from my desk and take a walk through the New York State Museum which is quite literally across the street from my house. There was the Mastodon from Cohoes, just where I knew it to be, the gems of New York, encased all over again in glass cabinets instead of their former sedentary layers, and a new exhibit that told the story of New York’s participation in the first World War, the poster of Uncle Sam illustrated by James Montgomery Flagg gracing the beginning of the installation. All this was waiting for me — and for you if you’ll have it — waiting to be one of the many reasons why this was destined to be a better day.

What’s most noteworthy about this expedition isn’t the fact that it happened or even the little details that eventually made it significant. It’s that I knew that it could be what it became before even knowing what it was. I suppose it’s an example of how we are responsible for assigning meaning to every little thing we do — sometimes as the sole author and sometimes in collaboration with the whims of the world around us.

I just knew something was going to make today a better-than-the-other types of days. How lucky I figured out why that was going to be by 5 pm. There’s still so much day left to be sure. Imagine what else could happen?