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It wasn’t so much that he returned home every night to find her in bed already, as it was that she didn’t bother to acknowledge his return.

Opening drawers with urgency, closing them as if in haste, murmuring the words of his favorite poem; some nights he made these loud noises hoping to elicit a response from his wife, Yasmin.

Dinner was always left for him in the microwave. It was a sign that she still cared, one that he would hold on to every night his mind traveled to the events that led them to where they are now.

If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.

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Social media symbolizes internet platforms through which people communicate. For millions of consumers across the world, it is a generally accepted leisure activity.

Through technological advancements, the sales and advertisement industry has witnessed a major spike in the use of social media as a marketing tool.

Consequently, the tech industry has created a social media addiction as a profitable means to yield value for companies that pay them for our attention.

These platforms provide never-ending stimulation and produce dopamine hits that target the same parts of our brains connected to drug abuse.

We’re constantly being fed with information, giving us…

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Poems mirror our lives.

The short verses often depict accurately whatever feelings predominate our minds and bodies.

Since the first poem written in the 18th century B.C, humans have used poetry as a medium to express woes, love, anxiety, grief, and the whole span of human fragility.

I went on a quest to discover five poems that may remind us why life is worth living, and how we can understand the twists and turns that often occur in our lives.

1. ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling

Reading this poem brings to mind all the noble virtues that a person must fortify himself with, to bear with…

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Many of us desire to live a quality life and become financially stable. We wish to buy the stuff we need and want and still have a lot more left to save and invest.

The reality is that our financial fantasies are not often translated into what we experience in real life.

Unfortunately, thousands of people have become victims of an economic system that thrives on loans and the interests attached to them.

From student loans to mortgage, an average American devotes most of his working hours to cover his debts and the interests that come with them.

It’s blood-sucking…

#3. Don’t aim to read every page.

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We live in unprecedented times. No other era has expressed this much disdain at books written to help people find fulfillment in their lives.

Known as the highest form of literature in Ancient Greece, self-help books employed sophisticated methods in teaching earlier civilizations how to love, build friendships, and find purpose in life.

Recent studies show that people have become skeptical about self-help literature. This is largely due to published pseudo-scientific crap with titles that appeal to our “quick fix” addiction.

Also, many people assume that life already comes with a manual containing advice on emotional education; that we have…

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I didn’t always hate schooling in Nigeria. On the contrary, I looked forward to it during my high school years.

The main reason was that I enjoyed being around friends and I knew most of them had no plans to study abroad.

Despite all the scary details I heard about student life in my chosen university, I was optimistic that my experience would be divine. Delusional as I was, it was a happy bubble to live in.

Then came my first year.

These are just some of the things that brutally disillusioned me:

  • I shared a room (designed to fit…

What is the value of human life?

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For a long time, I viewed war as a necessity for peace to occur. There was always going to be a war, in my view, for peace and stability to reign.

War was for justice to arrive as the victor. War was for the conquering of greedy nations. War was for certain people to be taught a lesson.

I didn’t consider all the factors of war because I had been blind to them.

My first eye-opener was a short clip of the Nigerian civil war featured in a documentary. …

The Paris Review, Issue 1. Designed by William Du Bois

In my early days on Twitter, I followed some accounts for writing inspiration including those I had never heard of. One of them was The Paris Review.

I would often come across tweets of their interviews with remarkable writers of the 20th century. It struck me as odd, “how long has this magazine been in existence?”. Well, roughly 67 years.

The Paris Review was founded in Paris by three American novelists: Harold L. Humes, Peter Matthiessen, and George Plimpton.

The literary magazine’s main aim is to “emphasize creative work—fiction and poetry—not to the exclusion of criticism, but with the aim…

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Many times, we fall short of expectations imposed on us

The stronger humans amongst us are able to shrug it off and move forward

The rest of us are saddled with the shame and guilt of not meeting up

For years, I’ve pushed through my life living under the shadows of people that mattered

Doing actions influenced by what someone would think, or say, or do- when they find out

But I’m learning to take control of my life as I grow older

To be responsible for my actions means that I have my full consent in carrying them out

It’s time that I let go of the shame of wanting, of desires, of needs

And I embrace the complexity of being human.

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Your home is the only place in the world you can call yours. When you protect your home and keep it livable, it reflects on the perception of your self.

A home is meant to inspire you and remind you of the things you love. Which is why people decorate their homes with items that are meaningful to them.

However, a home can only mean so much if it is tidy and clean.

Our sensors are drawn to what gives us a sense of calm and wellbeing.

In the same vein, they are repelled by what signifies chaos; this is…

Halimah K.

I write about small improvements that make life a little more fulfilling.

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