I don’t believe in male feminists & co.
Femme Feministe


I usually appreciate and agree with your articles, but I have a lil bit problem with this one. I don’t think only women can be feminists. The one who is considered as the father of feminism in Africa : Kaceem Amin was a man. He fought for gender equality, women’s rights and he was willing to dismantle patriarchy. And there are many other masculine figures in the history of feminism. And I’ve personally met men who were deeply feminists in their way of thinking, their way of life, their support to women’s rights fight. And paradoxaly, I’ve met women who weren’t feminists at all.

A man can be feminist even if he doesn’t experience oppressions women face as I don’t have to experience racism to be against it or fight it, as I don’t have to be a victim of daily domestic violence to stand up and strongly fight it.

Being a feminist isn’t a question of sex. It’s about humanity. A true humanist (women or man ) will find his place in the feminist cercle.

Halimatou Soucko

Feminist/women’s rights activist

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