Bound In The Desert

SENIOR YEAR! Isn't it supposed to be the time of my life? At least that is what everyone says. As of now, this school year has been nothing like expected. God has me in a place where I am trying to be completely sold out for Him, and the things I have been going through are not helping at all. Pretty much what it’s boiling down to is, I am walking alone physically, but spiritually I have God with me every day in the hallways, on the court, and in the classrooms. At NLR, God has called me to walk solo for this season which is harder than one might think. In God’s defense, He has given me friends to be around that want the same things I do, which is to grow in my faith and my relationship with Christ. For whatever reason, they live 2 hours away leading me to the conclusion that my focus has to remain on Him during the calamities of this life and that I only need to rely on Him. Praying and reading my Bible has been a burden because it has been hard to cope with the fact that God has left me here feeling alone…but really, it has given me more opportunities to open my eyes to the people around me and get to know them better…people that I otherwise might have passed in the hallway and kept on going. As a Christ follower, my duty is to be a light in my setting. Wherever I am, God’s love and grace should be shining through me evidently. Honestly, I think God has lead me to the desert so that I know what it means to have a thirst than can only be quenched by His word and by being in relationship with Him. It is my prayer that somehow as I go out into this place that God has called me to; that my peers would see the broken person I am seeking Christ because without Him, I am nothing. I want more than anything for people to see that I am real, I make mistakes, and I am flawed, but by the grace of Christ I am forgiven and made new daily. I would ask that you pray for me as I embark on this journey that I have been called to by Christ. Thank you for reading. G3.

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