The night sky.

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I like staring into the night sky. Alone. It gives me peace.

Because, when I sit there and look into the sky, I don’t just see the sky. I see beyond that.

I see our neighboring, distant planets.

I see our neighboring galaxies.

I see distant stars that are born and dying every second.

I see a wholesome Universe.

And when you compare it to the land you live in, everything seems so small. So tiny. So pointless.

I realize — every time — that our teensy problems just don’t seem to matter anymore. Because we are nothing when compared to what is out there.

It just doesn’t matter.

So whatever your problem is, there is always a solution. Maybe not a good or a happy one. But always there is.
You have one life. Use it wise and well. Don’t let your past affect your present and the future.
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