Today commemorates a day of liberation. Seventy years ago, prisoners at Auschwitz were saved. It makes one think—what about everyone around the world still facing violence, waiting for liberation to come?

Think about how many people suffered from violence in just the past 24 hours — in places like Syria, Nigeria, and our own neighborhoods (1 in 4 US women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime).

We know it’s terrifying, damaging, and unfair. We also know that it will inevitably continue and that it’s been an inextricable part of human history spanning all socio-economic, religious, cultural, and racial groups.

Will this ever change? Doubtful, but there are measures we can take. Because it’s so hard to stand up to violence, it’s all the more important to celebrate when people do. I applaud all worldwide efforts for peace, dialogue, understanding, respect, and safety. Eventually all violent eras do end, if not soon enough.

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