General Information about Catwoman and Flapper Costumes

The catwoman and flapper costumes are good costumes that an individual can wear during Halloween and some other occasions.

Wearing a costume becomes very important when you want to partake in some activities. One of the most costume that is worn by adults and kids alike and is very common, is the Halloween costume or dress. For most people, Halloween is about wearing very scary costumes that will make people scared of them.

Considering the reputation cats have, that often bother around occult, witches, bad luck and evil, the catwoman costume has come to become a very popular Halloween wear. Furthermore, the movies that have featured a catwoman often portray her as a character that is villainous with a mast and black costume. The good part of it is that she still manages to look beautiful and sexy in the costume.

You can get the purring look of the catwoman by getting dresses similar to the type she wears in movies. There are 3 memorable catwoman that any catwoman lover will be very familiar with. The most recent of the film was acted by Halle Berry in 2004, with the costume, which is made from black PVC vinyl, looking very revealing. It has large straps on a black bra that reveals the cleavage, black low-rise pants and a half cat-ear hooded mask and gloves with attached claws that are long up to the elbow.

There is another cat woman movie titled Batman Returns, released in 1992 that was acted by Michelle Pfeiffer. The actress transformed into an evil and sexy catwoman from a formerly shy and quiet secretary. There was also the television series in the 1960s that saw Eartha Kitt act as the catwoman. The most prominent features in her costume are the cat ear head band, eye mask and all in one cat suit. You can get any of the costume that suits you the most and then act and walk like a cat. You might also have to display common catwoman characteristics which include cunning, sly, slinky and sexy.

A popular costume that has been in existence for more than 70 years is the 1920s flapper costumes that was made more popular by Bettie Boop that was featured in the 1930s cartoons of the Fleischer Brothers. The costume is also a very good one for Halloweens. They are a very authentic and unique replica of the flapper costume. They are created such that they look very much like the main version of the clothes that were used almost a century ago. When a good version of it is gotten, it would convince anybody that it is exactly the type that was worn during the 1920s. There are many slightly different versions available as they have been edited over time during reproduction of the costume, so that it looks very unique and lovely. If as a lady, you are still lost as to what to wear during the next Halloween, you can consider getting a nice flapper costume.