40 days of New Me

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be advice, preach or telling anyone what works. This is merely an observation of what has happened in my life for the past 40 days. I wanted to share my progress since it makes me happy today.

For quite a long — several years — I’ve lived really horrible life style. Eating lots of junk food, chips (or crisps for you British people), candy and drinking soda and beer way too much. I work in an environment where there’s free food and drinks every day and it’s so easy to justify all that eating in events and celebrations daily. I gained weight and started seeing huge variety of health issues.

40 days ago I decided it had gone far enough. I needed to do a major U-turn with my life if I wanted to life a long and full life. Instead of taking baby steps as everyone suggested, I did a major overhaul in three areas of my life. Day 1 I weighed 116 kg (255 lbs).


I did drastic changes to my diet: I dropped alcohol, soda, juice, restaurant food, chips/crisps, candy and basically everything delicious and unhealthy. I also cut my portion sizes first into half and then into a third. I drink water, eat mostly salads with chicken or tuna and little bit of bread for breakfast and evening snack.

In addition, I started exercising bit by bit. I wake up at 6.30 (I hate mornings) and take a one-hour walk before starting my day. I aim to do 10–15k steps per day and morning is the only time I know I can get that done.


I have suffered from panic disorder for the past two years. Fighting that I have done mindfulness for quite a while now and I’m a huge fan of Headspace’s mobile app. After my morning walk, I do 15 minutes of mindfulness to get the day started.

I also started drifting into minimalism. I’m still far from that but I started decluttering my apartment piece by piece. My whole apartment was just so stuffed with everything — things I hadn’t used for years but always carried with me. I donated 90% of my clothes to charity, sold my books, DVDs and video games, sold my extra computers and game consoles and some of the furniture that became obsolete after getting rid of everything else.


I spent way too much money. I had a really nice salary and cheap rent but still struggled to make the next pay day. Partly thanks to eating healthier and less and partly by getting rid of stuff and thus not buying more, I started finding ways to save money.

In my Google Drive, I have a sheet where I document everything I get and spend. When I used to struggle, now already in the first month, I’ve been able to save closer to a thousand euros without making any real sacrifices.

So what happened?

In these 40 days, so much has happened. I have lost 8 kilos (17.6 lbs), got my panic disorder under control (which allows me to travel again), feel so much better every day and my brain seems to work in a totally new ways. I can feel my thoughts finish and I don’t get tired all the time. My pants are also falling and my belt is out of holes.

When you weigh as much as I did and lived as unhealthy as me, the first 10 kgs are quite easy. I still hate the process every day and I miss nachos and salsa so much every day. But the process is fast and doesn’t require any tricks. Now I need to start upping the intensity to make sure I can get rid of the last 28 kilos as well.

But today I feel good. I feel amazing. -8 kg was way more than I ever imagined.