Looking for a backpack

Dear Internet, help me find a great backpack for my daily living.

I often carry quite a lot of my stuff with me. For the five months from April to August this year, I carried everything I had in my Osprey Farpoint 55 backpack that I absolutely love. However, I’ve been using a off-the-shelf supermarket backpack for daily stuff and it’s bit too small while my Farpoint is way too big for that. I’m looking at you, fine people of the Internet, to help me out finding a perfect backpack.

These need a place to stay while I’m on the road

On the picture above, you can see what I carry with me and would love to find a backpack for.

  • Two 13" Macbook Pros with chargers (I have work laptop and personal laptop and sometimes give workshops or presentations after work without having a time to come home and switch)
  • Two notebooks (A5 / 5.75 x 8.25 in)
  • A calendar (slightly smaller than A5)
  • An Amazon Basics Universal Travel Case
  • A Roost Laptop Stand bag
  • A packing cube (for spare clothes if I’m on the road for the night)
  • A 0.6L/20oz water bottle

My current backback technically can fit them all but it’s gonna be so stuffed I can’t access anything. I’d love to have a backpack where I could comfortably fit all these and maybe have a quick access to laptop and notebooks.

Any ideas? Leave a comment below or tweet at me at twitter.com/hamatti.