▾ December 6, 2016

• When I reflect on the work we have done so far I think of the technique track coaches give to their sprinters: lean so far forward that if the runner were to slow down mid sprint, they would fall on their face. The idea is to run so fast and lean so far forward that the runner is actually constantly falling but does not fall because they are moving forward so quickly (air pushing them back).

• The more nerdy analogy would probably be a description of satellites in orbit. Either way, the Ruby course feels we are moving so fast and the challenges (air) are being delivered so often that we don’t have time to slow down and stumble through the nitty gritty details of each concept. I may be trying a little to hard to force the analogies but I feel like at the end of this course I’ll be more of a jack of all trades and master of none with the Ruby/Rails framework. However, I will be a jack of all trades in the thinnest sense of the term.

• This is not complaint. I am looking forward to getting paid for life long learning and regular challenges that are real and important in the real world, as opposed to hobby projects which require dedication of my free time and lack the same motivational urgency of a project within my career.

• I am happy that we are learning the fundamentals. I hope we receive more and more varied 3rd party content to supplement what we are learning. Gavin is a terrific teacher. He is very patient. He is good for me personally as I often get sidetracked with questions about potential uses for the concepts we use. On top of this I often fall back to what I know for framing these questions; I use esoteric physics and mathematical concepts. Gavin has worked in industries and learned academia that allows him to answer my questions on my own level. That is fortunate, but may only be fortunate for me. I am wary to ask too many questions like this during class because I recognize that these questions may confuse other students and thus retard their understanding of the material if they get confused by my outlandish question. While I don’t want to interfere with the learning of other students, I reference this scenario for another reason: if the circumstances were different and Gavin’s background was geared toward something that was more conducive for other student’s learning styles but not my own, I would risk being left in the dark and confused. By providing many outlets for explanations for each topic, the spread of potential understanding is greatly widened.

• That was sort of a sloppy and long winded way of saying I think we should have more resources made available, and are personally recommended, by our instructor.

• I really can’t comment on ActiveRecord yet as it seems like borderline witchcraft right now. I am interested to look in the source code of that package to see if just like every conceivable if/then statement has been written, and that is how the package can figure out how to do so much on it’s own. I’ll come back to my thoughts on ActiveRecord and SQL once by opinions have more depth.

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