I tried to do my portfolio with InVision and failed

I was curious to find out if I could quickly update my portfolio without coding it. It turns out. You almost can.

Why not do my portfolio as an InVision prototype? It initially worked so well, that I just sent out the prototype link to a couple of people. Afterwards, I even redirected my domain to the InVision prototype. Why the heck not?!


Well… It turns out, there is a couple of issues. Here is my first-hand experience.

I would be really happy if there was a sketch plugin, that would give me the opportunity to do a design portfolio…

… and scrolling through the Product Hunt feed daily will not necessarily give you the ability to create a product or service people will want to use.

Differentiate between experiments and solving problems on a deeper level. Differentiate between signal and noise when you want to solve a problem. Use Experiments to enrich your design process.

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Let’s do this as an app. It’s like uber for music. Dating plus AI.

You might have heard these phrases before and even thought about it that way. I certainly do know, that I have.

Recently I caught myself trying to cut corners…

The journey — How to build your own small product … and how you! can do the same

As the saying goes “All roads lead to Rome.”. There is probably just as many paths, as there is people. This is rather a my subjective experience going through the process. There is already a lot of resources out there. However, there have been a couple of books, ideas and questions that helped me to generate some insights and find my own path. Please help me to make this more valuable by discussing and commenting on my thoughts.

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Design Sprint Workshops by Startaê. 📸 @mariogogh https://unsplash.com/photos/QEsaXprgVfQ

Thinking in terms of first principles is really important to me. So don’t take anything I say or write for granted or…

Hamed Bahrami

Designer / hamedbahrami.de

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