In the first video assigned there is a meeting among what I am assuming to be high corporate officials, working on some sort of design. They have brought on an expert to help bring their ideas into reality, however the corporate officials do not have any knowledge of basic geometry…actually they do not have any knowledge in general. There is also a lack of communication, as the expert cannot explain his reasoning and the officials are not listening to anything he says. This is very relatable however as I am a musician, and I have been asked before to write a jingle and a song for a school project and they express their ideas to me, and I have to explain how it doesn’t work at all, but in the end I have to give in, as they are unwilling to allow me to do my job, and the end result is horrible.

The second video discussed miscommunication and how to avoid it, as well as defining what communication is. What I learned from the video is that communiction is not just a one way street. One has to communicate but also listen in order for communication to worl. Communication also involves inerpretation. For example, I could say something one way, and the person I am speaking to can interpret it another. As for what form of communication would be useful to me, I think the best would be to take the advice at the end of the video. DO NOT BE PASSIVE. BE ACTIVE. Listen with your eyes, ears, and gut. Take time to process what the other is trying to say.