Music Videos

So this was interesting for me. I love representing music through visual aspects with performing, which is one reason why I tend to be a big fan of Music Videos. That being said, the first video I watched reminded me of a video game so I got interested, however as soon as the music started playing and the video progressed, I grew bored. I did not like how everything was so dark.I also thought the dancing was too much, it didn’t fit the music. I also thought that it was trying to hard to be cool. But when it was time for me to feel, I became more appreciative. I enjoyed how they tried to make it hip and cool with the elaborate sets and the unique dancing.

On the other hand the second one was easier for me to enjoy, as the colors were more vibrant and beautiful. It was more enjoyable. I feel as both were structured the same though as they featured a different member of the group at a different time.

I am not sure whether or not I would watch more videos. I feel that they could be very hit or miss.