Tips and Tricks of setting up a business in Silicon Beach — the opinion of a Brit anyhow..

The Move to LA:

So one needs to start somewhere with these things. One’s always tempted to try and give an explanation for a current situation, but if I did that then we’d just go back up and back up to my unfortunate and apparently quite painful birth. In short, for the past 25 years I used to live in the UK, and the majority of that time I spent in London. London has a few dialects / accents so I’ll offer you a visual/audio: it sounds like I went down on the queen. Anyhow, 3 weeks ago I decided to punch in my card for the last time and move Stateside. I had finally seen the light and so decided to hop on it like an excitable Max Mosely. ( if you’re American you may need to look this up and, trust, its well worth a read) Moving to LA, and having an adequate justification for doing so (not just posing in front of a camera), has been top of my mind for ever since… It took only the tiniest sliver of interest from a couple VC’s and incubators out on now what is known as Silicone Beach and I was packing up shop back home and preparing to head out to the West coast of the US with my latest business idea in the hope that I could make it a reality. And what better place to do it that the place that has made Silicon Valley look so last year ?

My whole life in 2 bags. The third bag has my fold up bike in it! Cool huh???

I’d like to claim to be an utter rock, a steadfast heartless bruiser who has been unaffected by leaving my whole life behind in the UK, but that, however, would not be true. From family to friends, and occasional rectal lover in between, there is a lot that I am going to miss. BUT, not only is the world more connected than its ever been, but I’m on a mission. Having followed the progress of all sorts of ‘entrepreneurs’ and business folk out in the States I have been dreaming of launching my own ‘techy’ commerce business. I will always be fond of the UK but I’m thinking big, and that’s why it had to be the USA, and with the idea of the beach on my door it had to be California, or more aptly Venice beach (I mean, I’m a tragic, slightly smelly looking fellow with too big a man bun, where else would I have felt more at home?).

SO, what am I actually trying to do? As I said, right now I’m setting the scene so that my next posts do not seem so out of place and quite so random. Some of you may have heard of the company called Dollar Shave Club. It’s a subscription razor company predominantly aimed at men. You sign up to the service and DSC sends you a new razor. After that, they will send you new replacement blades every month, or depending on how much of a post-puberty animal you are, every couple of weeks. They have been unbelievably successful. Before DSC people were getting a pretty crap deal. Gillette and the other big brands in the sector play a dirty game. They first want you to buy the newest, absolute best Turbo charged Mac 3 numero razor which they offer at an ‘apparent’ bargain. Sounds good. But then, after you’ve bought sed highbrow razor, you’ll need to keep serving it by buying the new branded heads at an outstandingly high price which, you guessed it, are never on discount. And they make an absolute killing from selling you the replaceable heads. The same works on Oral care. I have run my own toothbrush company for children for the past 3 years (so cool, no ?), and I’ve seen how it works — I know way to much about oral for a straight guy but hey, it pays the bills.

SO, now it’s about launching the same idea, aimed at adults, in the USA. No longer will people fork out for ridiculously overpriced replacement heads for their electric toothbrush. Not on my watch anyway!

A beautiful toothbrush huh?

So that’s what I’m doing with myself. This Blog will cover the business banter, introspective musings and weird goings on in my every day life. If you don’t like it, well, no need to sign up. If you do, thank you, and I apologise in advance if I sometimes get a bit ‘rowdy’ or ore aptly ‘inappropriate’….

The long standing of us Brits that Americans have an ever expanding waistline wasn’t helped by these being on the front desk on my first day in the office.
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