Spam on Facebook

I see this all the time. Someone’s account gets phished, and immediately I see spam on my news feed. I report these every time I see them, but since I found yet another one, I figured I’d share it:

This showed up on my feed today, but certainly isn’t the first time I’ve seen it.
Screenshot from a friend… same concept.
  1. Post appears as a friend tagged in “Life Event” an acquaintance (non-friend with a few mutuals).
  2. Hacked account tags varying, but small amount of people to a post.
    As to not raise suspicion, the amount changes per post. Since I am probably friends with more than one of those individuals tagged, the post is deemed relevant.
  3. Spam link repeated 3 times (but not always), but not linked.
    By removing the hyperlink, my guess is that it doesn’t get automatically flagged as easily.

More about links:

The shortened link redirects to an anonymous blogging site (which allows arbitrary javascript to be executed from a post):

Look! I can load a javascript alert…

Through no effort at all, a javascript redirect takes you to ‘factorydirect2fans,’ the spam merchant’s page. My guess is because this is being routed through a blogging site, the links don’t appear suspicious to facebook.

and again this morning….

and again…

Update: I tweeted, telling them to remove javascript entry. Fingers crossed.

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