Swing beds: the perfect accouterments to lazy afternoons looking out over a sprawling lawn. But that’s not to say that the porch is the only place around the house instantly brightened up by a swing bed!

These spots around the house could use a good old fashioned swingin’.

By the Pool

A swing bed by the pool is the best way to cultivate a backyard oasis. The beachy poolside vibes can be paired with refurbished wicker furniture, colorful vintage signs and a smattering of crushed shells for an amplified effect.

Make sure there’s an umbrella or awning nearby to provide additional shade, and consider bringing over a portable fan to cool down your new favorite post-sunbathing perch.

Sun Room Daybed

Sun rooms are meant for basking in the glow of the golden hour sun, or napping kids after a weekend full of running around, or turning the final page of a book and looking up out the window to reflect. Warm pastels and a gently rocking swing bed can create a calming atmosphere like nowhere else in the house.

Tree swing bed

This one is for all of you who have looked enviously at the toddler tree swing and wanted to get in on that sweet tree swing action.

Or, if you’ve been inspired by Pete Nelson and the Treehouse Masters, put a swing bed in the plans for your new backyard palace.

Be sure to keep the swing’s weight in mind before installing.

Second Story Loft

If you have an attic or second story that isn’t getting much use, a swing may be just the space-saving touch. In addition to the views from the top of the house, the lofted swing bed allows room for unconventional storage. Playful cubbies holding supplies for crafts and activities are easily accessible, especially if the space doubles as a playroom!

Have you seen any seen any interesting spots for swing beds? Have one in mind for your own place? Comment below and keep the swing-spiration going by visiting our shop or reach out to us on our social media channels.

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