Name It, Claim It and The Modern Believer

That there’s a dichotomy between the words of Christ and modern day prosperity preachers is not in doubt. What beggars belief is the ease and speed with which the scriptures are being overthrown by snake oil merchants and prophets of unrighteousness. Yesterday on twitter, I made a passing comment about the errancy of the ‘name it claim it’ theology that has pervaded mainstream Christianity and I got some interesting reactions.

In this post, I want to put forward two reasons why the “Name It, Claim It” theology is a dangerous theology at best and a corrosive mumbo-jumbo at worst.

The first reason to be adduced for my position on Name It, Claim It is that at its core, it’s a reductionist theology. It reduces God in all his magnificence to nothing more than a genie in a bottle. It makes mockery of everything I read in the scriptures. This theology is predicated on the erroneous, fallacious and wrongheaded assumption that the Christian life is a walk in the park. I am a Christian from a Muslim household and I know for a fact that Christianity is not beans. The Christian walk requires remarkable determination and huge dose of faith to live and while Christians may not live in the strength of their power, the Christian life is not for the lily-livered. Christ admonishes us to count the cost of discipleship, assures us of tribulations yet promises us that he will be with us. Name it, Claim it theology in one fell swoop rubbishes all these and more.

Perhaps the most insidious effect of this theology is on the Christians themselves. For years, I have been worried about the caliber of people gamboling around as Christians. I wonder how many of us professing to be Christians in the modern world would survive the horrors of Auschwitz, The crusades or La Purga. I wonder if we wouldn’t renounce our faith when faced by fierce lions in the Roman Amphitheatre. The modern Christian is weak, soft, easily excitable, arrogant, hawkish, clannish and worst of all averse to knowledge. He won’t read his bible, compartmentalizes God and falls easy prey to temptation. Everyday he asks God to forgive him for sins he could have easily avoided if he had been a little sensitive to the spirit. If not for God’s grace, some people will have finished the blood.(LOL) With this profile of the Christian in mind, imagine the damage Name It, Claim It theology will wrought if allowed to become a major doctrinal staple. It would have rendered us all faithless when God says wait to our requests. We’d have become tantrum-throwing, bubblegum-chewing little doodads.

Dear Christians, let’s keep our guards up regarding fancy teachings masquerading as the gospel of Christ. Name It, Claim It theology is not a faith theology by any stretch of the imagination.


Written by Hammed Ajiboye


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