The power of self decisions

Hamna Qasim
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Making decisions

Making the decisions for yourself demands your parents’ to be aware of what you want. Remember, decisions determine destiny and are life-altering! Mostly, people get confused while talking to their parents’ and are scared but, remember a lot of the world’s biggest issues can be solved with discussion and this is just a little up; you just have to talk to your parents. There was nothing to worry about and when you have the courage, you will see the nature progressing and the world guiding you!


From the time I stepped into practicality and started understanding life, I don’t want to rely on anyone and just want to be independent. And the words I was literally brainwashed with was ‘be independent’ and that was stuck with me forever.

It’s my passion to do something in life and be something. When I was young and dependent I would use that time to reflect on myself and I write. I write whatever is on my mind. I would be in my quiet corner just writing because I love writing! So, when my father opened the doors of IT for me, I decided to make an interaction between my writing and technology. In my writing career, I also met writing experts which was really a highlight moment.

The decision you have to take here is to be independent with true will power and passion.

Don’t waste any opportunity

To be independent, I started making the most of every opportunity and get out of my comfort zone. So, that’s the message I would give to everyone, really get out of your comfort zone and make the most of every opportunity you get. And also “don’t be afraid of changes” because changes are good; embrace them and take risks because only then you’ll move forward. If you don’t make a change in your life, nothing will change. I started to keep going in my life when I realized “try, fail, try again, and… again and again, until you succeed.” Make sure to keep moving forward even if you are taking small steps.

The decision of utilizing every opportunity and striving for progress makes me a highly influenced individual!

Stay happy in minimalism

I remember, once we were invited to someone and I was surprised by what I saw there! In today’s world where simplicity is nothing; it’s something very big there. I see how simplicity was in their life, how they were incorporating in their everyday lives. I discovered the most precious treasure of peaceful life there which deeply touched the inner core of my heart.

I was really inspired by minimalism (getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions). When you start doing this, you will realize how less makes you happier. The more you have, the more stressed you get. And the less you have the more you’re at peace.

Decide to live your life with less materialistic things and focus on self-improvement and achieving the goodness of life.

How to deal with society?

As you know that we are in this process now and the sole job of most of the people is to interfere in others’ lives so, mostly I don’t speak much and refrain from getting into any kind of conversation or argument with them. Here I want to say is, don’t let what people say get to your head, stay positive!

I respect what others’ say and normally I smile, but I move on and do my thing. It’s not actually their fault. It’s your fault. If you believe in what they say and don’t follow your dreams or passion because someone said it then, in the end, it’s all about your mindset; you will lose yourself. With a positive mindset, the sky is the limit! Having success and failure depends on your mindset, make sure you work hard and follow your dreams with devotion.

The decision here is not to focus on people and what they say, just focus on your goals and visions and see the universe guiding you!

Your attitude about the problem

Another sentence which I deeply felt is, “problem is not a problem until you think it’s a problem.” One day I saw this quote online by captain Jack Sparrow that problem is your attitude about the problem. It’s all about how you look at things and perceive them. Because sometimes bad things are good things. You’ve to be positive about the problems and adversity that your head hit by. When I hit my adversity I focus more on positives rather than the negatives and I start getting the solutions.

Don’t look at problems as a problem; they are a part of life. Have patience. Never ever allow problems to defeat you!

Take your power back from yourself

I decided to stay happy with the will power that was inculcated in me by my father.

I have to gain my strength back for myself. It’s ok what people talk about you, it’s ok what their perspectives are, but what’s not ok is not accepting yourself! And that’s the power of the single decision that you have to take for yourself. That you need to understand for yourself.

To be very honest, you are gonna fall in life, you are gonna fail so badly. But you will become strong when you have the courage to fail and never try to give up! Decide who you are and what you want to be. Learn how to stand up, and how to speak up for yourself. I didn’t give up on myself and continued putting all of my efforts and still cultivating the good in this life.

Take a firm decision of training your mind to have power in every situation and don’t let anyone take your potential and power from you.

Experiencing challenges and stereotypes

In the end, I would like to share with you; we will not only experience challenges in our culture but also working in the male-dominated society is a big challenge.

For women, it’s a test. Most women are told by men, only because you’re a woman you can’t do well in any industry so, we still face stereotypes and confrontation. Prove them wrong, by staying strong because at the end the strong ones survive. Try to focus more on the positive and it will really help you to be more content in life; “stay simple, stay happy and stay strong.”

Life is a beautiful struggle so make it a happy place for yourself!

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