World Hepatitis Day-28th July 2019

Hamna Qasim
Jul 28 · 3 min read
Prevention is better than care!

Every year on 28th July- World Hepatitis Day was observed. Hepatitis has 5 deadly stages, Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. It’s actually an inflammation of liver tissue or liver failure.

At the present time, there are 325 million people globally living with a lethal disease in their blood.

What’s worse is that 295 million of them are completely unaware of their infection. An infection which could destroy their liver and lead to life-threatening illness.

Are you one of them?

9 in 10 people are totally unaware that they are living with viral Hepatitis. And since viral hepatitis has very few recognisable signs or symptoms.

How would you know that you are one of them?

  1. You could have got it at childbirth passed from your mother.
  2. You may have got it through unsafe injecting practices or by sharing a razor.
  3. Or coming into contact with infected blood.

It’s likely that you won’t know when you got it. If you don’t get tested, you’ll remain in the dark.

Viral hepatitis is one of the leading causes of DEATH worldwide claiming 4000 lives a day. But if you don’t know your status, what chance do you have?

However, this doesn’t need to be your future. There is a cure available for Hepatitis C and vaccines and effective treatments against Hepatitis B. So, why not eliminate hepatitis for good? If we can find the people unaware of their status, we can save lives and we can eliminate viral hepatitis from the planet by 2030.

Globally barriers exist that prevent people from getting access to diagnosis and testing:

  • Lack of accessible testing
  • Lack of awareness among medical professionals, stigma and discrimination
  • High cost
  • Lack of public awareness

Without a scale-up of diagnosis and testing which ensures that no one or nowhere is left behind; hepatitis elimination will remain an unreached dream!

So, to find the people unaware of their disease, Hepatitis day was observed. It is spread worldwide by a virus and infection.

  • Hepatitis A and E: spread by contaminated water and food.
  • Hepatitis B: mainly spread by sexual intercourse
  • Hepatitis C: spread by infected blood
  • Hepatitis D: people who are already infected by hepatitis B receive hepatitis D

In 2015,

  • Hepatitis A is observed in 114 million people
  • Hepatitis B occurred in 343 million people
  • Hepatitis C is detected in 142 million people

How to prevent Hepatitis?

Hepatitis A

  • Avoid “street” food
  • Drink boiled water
  • Don’t sip on cocktails and other drinks with ice cubes
  • Don’t order salads or fresh fruit from restaurants, since you don’t know if they are fresh or washed with clean water
  • Wash your hands well after you go to the restroom, changing diapers, or before you eat or serve food

Hepatitis B

  • Wash your hands with soap and water after exposure to blood
  • Use condoms with sexual partners
  • Avoid direct contact with blood and bodily fluids
  • Use a fresh diluted bleach solution to clean up blood spills
  • Cover all cuts carefully
  • Avoid sharing razors, nail clippers, toothbrushes, and ear or body rings
  • Discard sanitary napkins and tampons into plastic bags
  • Avoid illegal street drugs
  • Make sure new, sterile needles are used for ear or body piercing, tattoos, etc

Hepatitis C

  • Never share needles
  • Avoid direct exposure to blood
  • Don’t share personal care items
  • Make sure new, sterile needles are used for ear or body piercing, tattoos, etc
  • Practice safe sex

Hepatitis D

  • Get vaccinated
  • Use protection. Always practice safe sex by using a condom with all of your sexual partners.
  • Avoid or stop using recreational drugs
  • Be cautious about tattoos and piercings

Hepatitis E

  • Be cautious about drinking unsanitary water
  • Avoid uncooked or unpeeled foods
  • It is also important to practice good hygiene and wash your hands often

Remember, getting tested early = staying healthy longer!

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