Sorry, My Dear Friends

Will resume my writings next week.

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My dear friends,
Due to hectic schedules and unexpected plans, I am unable to read your wonderful work and write as well. So, for these few days, I will take a break from Medium and will be back by next week Wednesday. After the break, I surely will write more articles and will read your amazing pieces as well.

I am really sure that I will miss you all and Medium as well. Whenever I visit the Medium page, I feel calm and serene. Unfortunately, due to a packed schedule, I can’t visit Medium for now.

But, don't hesitate to tag me if you want to invite me for the prompt challenge. I will definitely reply to the prompts after the break. I will check the notifications and will reply to your comments after the break. I promise the break will not be too long.

This announcement is dedicated to my dear friends, Ali, Sujona Chatterjee, Sahil Patel, Monoreena Acharjee Majumdar, Neera Handa Dr, Shameem Anwar, J Oliver Dempsey, A.H. Mehr and my other wonderful friends as well.

Till then,

Take care and goodbye. See you soon. :)



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