Photo by alleksana from Pexels

I love bananas but it doesn’t mean I will eat their peels. But, when comes to life, I can relate it with bananas too.

Don’t take life too seriously. Just imagine our faces if we eat a banana seriously. We surely will look like a clown.

Because life is actually as easy as eating banana!

So, there are some “peels” that we need to throw out from our lives:

  1. Toxic relationships
  2. Unwanted news
  3. Insults and discriminations

The fruits that we need to enjoy in our lives:

  1. Family and pet
  2. Support and encouragement
  3. Failure (The great lesson in life)
  4. Happiness and joy

Dalai Lama once said,

I am the source of my own suffering, because of the habits of my mind.