Informational Interview

I have called to my senior , Hassan bin shahid who is still working on the Engro food plant.

I ask him a few questions

1. How did you get the job in Engro without any reference ?

He replied , hamza I am the only 1 and the first person in my session who got a job in multinational industry without any any reference.

There are few things I had adopted in my time

1.firstly I get in touch to my senior who was working as a shift incharge in Engro and he guided me as well.

2. you should know the merit criteria.

3.Must have high verbal communication skills

4. must have technical skills included to our field

5. if you have guts then you will get job at Engro

6.Selection is purely on merit base.

7. Don’t cram anything , just learn your technical things related to field.

GPA does not matter, after getting interview call no one ask you about your GPA but if you know something that’s gonna be worth.

He answered my all answer in one question. I don’t know these things before but now I am able to know it and now I will work on it. That’s very informative activity.

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