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Unforgetful Meeting someone after 6 Years

Background ;

When I was in a Matriculation level I went to my school teacher’s home for the tuition. I had a good time with my fellows and Teacher. I had a friend name as Tayyab , he was a neighbor of my sir , on day due to some reason my sir and the family of my friend got misunderstanding then my sir said to everyone in the Academy no will ever meet him again even if someone do this then I will kick you out from the academy. But I continued my friendship with my friend on every weekend we went to somewhere for outing and diner. Even my sir knew that Hamza is still in contact with Tayyab, I was very sharp in study so at the time of test session for the 3 months I checked my class fellows and juniors test but at the 2nd last paper of matric my teacher kicked me out for no reason there was just only a misconception and misunderstanding, my all class fellows broke up with me and they still never meet me due to the reason behind that sir kicked me out and sir will not like it that we meet hamza and story repeat. so I was very disheartened at that time what he did to me ? i was very hurted by him.

I had tried many times and went to him for apology but even he did not allow me to enter into the academy. After this I had again tried and made my mind that I will again go to him and ask him to forgive me because you’re my inspiration and I get so many things from you. But I could not go to him because last time when I went to him he did not enter me so this incident made me very strong that I will not gonna see him again.But after many times again I made my mind but could not go even I really want to meet him.

To complete this task I went to senior’s home and ask him tell me what I have to do ? He replied ‘’oh Hamza don’t worry he is now really a changed person just go and meet him’’When I go to my teacher home after 6 years. Even I was shocked extremely he hugged me and said ‘’ ao engineer sahib’’ he treated me like nothing has happened , I apologized to him and discussed everything with him, he appreciated me.

I want to do this because my heart always says to me that he is the best teacher , sorry I cant explain it in my words. Just its my inner emotional feelings. I do not bear that someone reject me with no reason and from that placed where I had spend most precious 2 years of my life. So now all is well.

This activity is so amazing but it made me confused how to achieve that goal. But according to the first principle of progress ‘’Amal’’ I did and I got it.