Most influential story of best Humanitarian

Abdul Sattar Edhi a legend and a humanitarian most well known personality in the whole world.

I consider it as my pleasure to narrate a brief story of his life.

As the earlier age when he was nine year old boy, he was very naughty indecent but he had very big ideas to construct the hospitals and schools for the needy peoples and many times he was teased by his own friends that ‘’a man of big dreams with no action’’ .

He replied irritably that I will start from small but why I should not think bigger ?

His mother gave him two paisas before going to madrasah that spend one paisa for yourself and and one for the needy person. At this point he got some revolutionary ideas by his mother that she taught him that simplicity is the best way to spend a life although other people considered them poor but they were not uncomfortable with simplicity. He always searching the poor and needy person to spend his one paisas. After that he started working in a cloth shop with a salary of five paisa then he save one paisas for the poor and remaining gave to his mother. That’s the most interesting scene that a boy with a ten years old having such an amazing idea to save the money for humanity.

He believe on the principle of ‘’Amal’’ , ‘’khudi’’ and sabre-jameel. He implemented these principle on his life by acting just start the work without thinking the consequences and then identify the purpose of his life by (Khudi) and after struggling very hard in a crucial time he got his goal and now He is still alive in our hearts as an best example of humanity who had nothing but a revolutionary ideas.

I choose this example from Edhi shb biography because my parents also taught me that save money for the betterment of the poor people, help the poor’s because God gave you that opportunity to help the others while Allah can gave this opportunity to others but He choose you because He knows that you have some abilities and you deserve that you have a kind heart and honest. He is not dependent on you he just put you in this situation to learn and to know how the poor people live you should be thankful to Allah.

Always be optimistic, dream big but start it with a small. . Always be patients, adopt simplicity and remain humble, Allah will reward you more than you ever imagine. If you spend one rupees on poor needy person surely He will give you 70k times more I believe.

You cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone. You should make yourself as a helping hand for the humanity. This worldly life nothing more than the illusion.