Reaching out to friends

So, I asked to my friends about my strengths and abilities, they said

Hello, Hamza
 H-honest A-amazing M-magnificent Z-Ziddi A-Affectionate you define the meaning of true friendship, u were there when i needed u, through all the ups and downs u have supported me. Your sincerity is your strength. May our friendship stay the same for long.

From : Fiza Khalid ( University of Lahore)

You are a good person as well as a friend. You may have many qualities and positive points in you, I am familiar to very few of them. Let me tell you a story when I met you. The last day of form submission in University. I didn’t know that was last date, you informed me and helped me in that situation. My documents were not complete you calmed me and assured me of your complete support, that was a relief for me. You have a nature to handle a difficult situation calmly. I had a little time and you helped me there, and because of you I submitted my form. Otherwise I might have missed that. You proved to be a helpful buddy to me.

From : Ayesha Hameed ( UET )

Dear Hamza, you are best person I have ever know, remember those days when you are doing additional maths and how we met ? that’s a long story but briefly you have a high moral value, your are very determinant and too much hardworking person but please implement those ideas in your life which was given to me by you and please forget her and stay blessed.

From : Muhammad Umar ( ICAP)

These are some views of my besties and some of my friends said that you should control your anger and don’t be so emotional, overconfident and don’t trust on someone too much and don’t expect too much from some buddy because I know it hurts you that are your weak points you should focus on your career. I am very happy to know the feedback from my best people.

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