I am aware that the majority of people don’t practice the bad parts of religion. I know that most people either skip over, refuse to acknowledge, or logic their way around the hatful parts of their doctrine. However, that doesn’t make them vanish from existence. That doesn’t make your religion good or morally sound. And you cant really get upset when people become critical of that religion. Or you for that matter defending the indefensible.

Because when you actively follow (and preach in the name of) anything that condones rape, slavery, and/or genocide, most people probably aren’t going to let it slide. When you defend teachings that cause and inspire oppression, your opinion becomes a moot point in a lot of crowds. Just because your interpretation is peaceful and loving, doesn’t mean the original content is.

You need to understand that your religion is an ideology and not above criticism or scrutiny. I will treat you with respect because you are my fellow human being, but I do not owe that respect to your beliefs.

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