The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

I’ve been using Apple exclusively since 2011. And that’s a long period to be using just one company’s services for all of your computing needs. But as I look at my phone today, I see that instead of using Apple’s core apps, I’m using a mixture of Google and Microsoft apps that have improved upon the functionality of the original core apps. Maps from Google, cloud backup and email solution from Microsoft — but that’ll soon be replaced with Google’s solution once my office membership runs out.

It’s like Apple can’t decide what it wants to be. The flat design is a serious clusterfuck. at least they were consistent in their UI when they were skeuomorphic. And it genuinely feels like the kinds of advances they should’ve made (the in your face ones) just aren’t happening. Eg, it’s iOS 10 and we still don’t have swipe keyboard typing functionality. Come on, Apple give me a break.

The only thing that’s stopped me from switching is the ecosystem I’ve built up in apple land. My apps (some of which aren’t even available on android) and the core functionality of the OS such as iMessage or FaceTime. How do I shift over when I can’t replicate the core functionality of the system that I rely on?

I guess it’ll get easier once I stop relying on Microsoft and go full in on Google’s system (cloud solution — syncing etc), but even then the issue of transferring the ecosystem will persist.

PS: it’s abjectly absurd that even in 2016, Apple makes you pay for more than 5GB of cloud backup. I’ve for one iPhone and one iPad and everyday I get an email asking me to buy more cloud storage. Why I can’t purchase more storage though is another clusterfuck of a story.