Curiosity nags me…what makes this one your favorite so far?
Renae Tobias

I really don’t know much about poetry so I’m not sure I've got anything useful to say on it, but that never shut me up before. 😁

I find the visual of ‘reading a story’ on someone’s body very sensual and the way you've put it together is beautiful.

Everything in this speaks of wanting to be known on a deeper level, daring someone to know you on a deeper level, wondering if someone will be the type of person who will be brave enough to know you on a deeper level.

Those are the only people you really want to make sure to keep around (or get as far away from as possible in some circumstances), and of those people, there is that one who you want to desire to delve in deep and open all your secret doors and dressers, someone who knows it all and embraces it.

I think that goes to the core of all but the most non-self-aware sort.

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