Musican Staking has been launched

1 min readFeb 21


First of all, you can deposit the copyright token you have in Layer 1 (Mainnet) on the Bridge, and after 20 minutes have elapsed, proceed with Mint in the Mint tab of Layer 2 (Optimism).

The staking function will be opened when the bridge of various copyright tokens is completed to some extent.
(expected to open on February 27)

Existing Musican tokens were issued in the following two networks.
Accordingly, there are two actions.

1. Issued as Layer 1 (Mainnet) (Search your wallet address at
-> Proceed with the procedure of the Bridge function above.

2. Issuance with Layer 2 (Optimism) (Search your wallet address at

  • > Proceed according to the procedure of the SWAP function

Notes on Bridge.

If there are several types of copyright tokens in one wallet at the time of bridge, you must complete mint of each type and bridge other types of copyright tokens.

In other words, you should not proceed with Mint at once after completing several types of bridges.