has made your support staff arrogant and shortsighted.
I’m Sick of Injustice Dressed as Inconvenience
Thaddeus Howze

It feels like the support staff isn’t so much arrogant but completely disempowered to practice any empathy or creative problem solving.

While upper management rakes in the cash, the everyday cogs in the corporate wheel are left with the de-moralizing and de-humanizing job of treating all their customers like a number because they don’t have the time, they don’t have the agency, and they don’t get rewarded for treating people like people. Someone on the ground made a really stupid decision because they weren’t authorized to offer enough money to entice people to take the voucher, because they work hours that are too long to leave them with the excess brainpower necessary to have sympathy or be creative, because just like their customers, the day to day personnel are seen as the necessary evil to a corporate structure that cares only about a stock price continuing to tick upward, regardless of the long term trajectory of the business or the real reason any business should be run in the first place — people.

Corporations aren’t people, but they are made up of people, and they serve people. Their existence should focus on how they can benefit society as an employer and service provider — not as a cash machine for their executives and their shareholders.

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