Socratic Trolling is Good for the Soul
Mirah Curzer

Love it! I understand why you’re doing it now. When I was reading some of the earlier exchanges with the men who questioned your credentials as a lawyer, I didn’t see why you were putting in the effort to argue with people that lazy. I mean literally the second entry in a Google search brings up your law firm. And then I searched your name and “amicus brief” and found it within five seconds. Seriously? Do they speak internet? So I came to the conclusion they were clearly lazy trolls and not worth arguing with, unless… you were convincing bystanders to evaluate their own thoughts and responses to what you were saying.

What I see in so many of these responses you elicit is actually terror. The world is moving beneath their feet and they don’t like it. Those angry men are terrified that maybe they are part of some cosmic joke in which they’ve been dealt a winning hand and somehow managed to screw it up, or on the flip side, those angry women claim the sexist jokes are all in fun, yet deep down they fear that they actually aren’t as free as they think are.

I can say as a white woman that it is incredibly difficult both to accept your privilege and to realize you are part of a systemically oppressed group, especially in America where we are indoctrinated with the notion that we live in a meritocracy where none of that should matter. Some react to this knowledge with an overwhelming desire to change the status quo, to make it not so. Some, unfortunately, prefer to pretend it’s not true. I find this incredibly sad, but I guess I understand why they do it. It’s difficult to have your world turned upside down and most people don’t have the fortitude to deal with it. This is not an excuse for racism or sexism. Rather my observation that on the whole humans seem a fairly frightened and lazy bunch. With the right inspiration and leadership sometimes we can transcend, but it seems rare.

I guess we can only fight the good fight. Relentlessly. Lead on.