Why your life is the greatest Quidditch match you will ever play?

I had just received my “Golden Snitch” neck chain than I ordered online, pondering over which, I had an epiphany.

The “Golden Snitch” lying around my neck is a constant reminder of the part I would love to play in Quidditch – a Seeker! Being a Seeker would be a prestigious thing for any wizard/witch. Not everyone can become a Seeker!

Only then did I realize that this holds true for a particular match as well – the longest and greatest Quidditch match one can ever play – Life.

And the more you think about it, the more everything fits.

In Quidditch you have a choice of three loops to score goals through. And in Life too the Chasers engage themselves in an endless race to score through these three hoops – Money, Relationship and Success.

Yes, scoring is important. Scoring brings you points; it gives you an opportunity to dream, to hope and to thrive.

And scoring is not always easy. Life will constantly put hurdles along your way; big nasty Bludgers that try to knock you off your broom. We swerve and dive to overcome these clever, well-timed obstacles. We try our best to dodge them. And we do all this by ourselves.

But here is the important part – it becomes a whole lot easier with help from the right people- the Beaters. They could be your teachers, friends, family, or even random strangers. Everyone you meet in life holds valuable insights (sometimes even without the holder’s knowledge) that you can draw upon.

And it most certainly is not a weakness to ask for help. In fact, it shows an immense strength of character: for only the truly wise and humble know this-

Life is not a game that’s played alone. It is an individual sport played as a team.

So, get some ruddy good Beaters on your side! Teamwork, trust and friendship are all integral to win a Quidditch match.

Yet, despite our best efforts, we constantly get knocked off our brooms. Drop dead from the sky and end up in an amount of pain, directly proportional to the height from which the fall happened, multiplied by the number of audience in the stadium. Surely falls like that would leave scars – physical and emotional. But what we need to realize is that, falling to the ground does not disqualify you from the game. Quidditch, and Life, is not about how often you get knocked off your broom. It’s always only about your will to mount and soar again.

Now, the most risky position of the lot would be that of the Keeper – it is a tricky position to play from. Yes, one has to defend one’s goal posts, but this comes with an inherent risk- Complacency. The risk of getting tied to the goal posts and obsessed over guarding the material wealth one has amassed over the years. Crippled by fear, excuses, procrastination and numerous other reasons, humans let themselves be chained to a goal post that they have to defend at all times.

This post, while it may appear to be a stable sanctuary, is actually what ties down most of us today from reaching our true potential. Goal-Keeping should not become one’s Life. Rather it should be a good strategic mix of Chasing, Beating and Keeping.. most importantly, as a team.

As with any game, it is essential to begin with the end in mind. We all know how the Quidditch match ends – when the Golden Snitch is caught. Quidditch then is all about catching the Golden Snitch.

The game played so far – the scores, the saves, the numerous bruises and the falls: all of it is meaningless without the End. The Snitch then.. in Life.. would be Death. Just as how the Game inevitably progresses towards the Snitch, we are all heading towards Death. There are no exceptions to this rule.

But there is no need to be morbid about it. In fact, there is no better ending. The Snitch can be caught at any point calling the game to an end. The game could have been a long one or a short one, exciting or boring, with a house full of audience or just an empty stadium. It is how the game was played that decides victory or defeat.

And as all true sportsmen know, scores are not a measure of one’s victory. It’s always about the passion and the score of hearts won over. Like with Quidditch, in Life too – it is not the score you have amassed but it is always the number of hearts you have touched that measures your victory.

A Game well remembered is a Life well lived.

So mount that broom and play the best Quidditch you got!!