Importance of Creating an Impressive Introduction for Your Research Paper

Writing an introduction can often be the most difficult part of your research paper. You’re bound to have some idea of what to write in the body of the research paper but you can be left feeling lost on how to start your introduction. The introduction of your paper is very crucial as it needs to provide a smooth transition into the main topics. Your introduction must be able to provide your reader with a clear insight of the research topic and what your paper intends to explain. If you are able to grab your reader’s attention with a well-written introduction, it will help them in understanding your paper and will keep them eager to read.

Why is it so important to write a good introduction?

Writing a good introduction is not just important, it is crucial in determining the success of your research paper.

  • The first impression is the last impression:

We can’t help but agree that “the first impression is the last impression.” You also will not be given a second chance to make the first impression and therefore, you must use the introduction as the perfect opportunity to make a great statement. The opening paragraph will give your readers the opportunity to assess your determination and quality of work. If you can impress your reader at the very start, they’re bound to being hooked till the end of your paper.

  • The introduction will provide a birds’ eye view of your paper:

Even before your readers get into the key points of your research paper, they’ll have a pretty good idea of what your research paper will include. Your introduction will serve as the bird’s eye view of the paper giving your readers a taste of what they are going to experience. You can use the introduction to give a brief background of the topic, an introduction of the topic, why you are presenting the topic and what your research paper aims to do.

  • You can change the way your reader feels:

Even if your reader is not too interested in your research paper topic, a good introduction has the power to change their feeling. Through a good introduction, you can have your readers feeling keen and excited to read about your paper. The use of compelling lines, convincing examples and an interesting question will add personality to your paper and will make it exciting to read.

Some tips on writing a good introduction

Here are some simple, yet effective tips to keep in mind when writing an introduction for your research paper.

  • Think about your research paper topic and how you aim to address it through your paper. This will refresh your mind before you write your introduction.
  • Always give a background of the topic. You can use the internet to help you with the research. While we don’t suggest Wikipedia for facts and figures, it is great in getting an insight of the topic in general.
  • Write a tentative introduction and tweak it if needed later on. As you complete the writing of your paper, come back to the introduction and make changes if needed.
  • Try writing your introduction last. Even though this may sound crazy, writing your introduction after you’ve completed your paper will help in writing a good introduction. This is because you’ll have your research paper in front of you and you’ll effectively be able to write what the research paper is about and what it aims to discuss.
  • Draw the readers in with compelling lines. The introduction serves as the perfect opportunity to grab hold of your reader’s attention and therefore, you must make the most of it. Pay extra care to the first sentence and provide a concise yet informative statement that will have the reader keen on reading.

Writing a good introduction is crucial in determining your quality of work. If your instructors are satisfied with your introduction, they’ll know that the rest of the paper will not disappoint them.