Easter Twin Flame Codes

This Easter period is shaping up to be a very auspicious time for the Twin Flame collective.

You may be feeling heightened emotions and physical symptoms. Anxiety, nervousness, doubt, uncertainty and most of all FEAR. Fear in the ‘Forget Everything And Run’ sense is coming up huge. Especially if you have spent a long time chasing and wanting this, all of a sudden you may be totally doubting yourself and want to run in the other direction.

That is because your inner knowingness is feeling the enormity of this great shift. And it’s scary! Change is always overwhelming in all it’s shiny new-ness. Even if our Soul Self is ready to step into it, it often takes the human ego-self a little longer to come around. And that’s ok. In fact, that’s perfect. That’s how you know your ego is doing it’s job to keep you safe. You can kindly thank it for being concerned, but gently take the reigns back and let it know that you can take it from here.

Because you can. You’ve trained and worked at this for much longer than even you know. You’ve actually got this. And everywhere that doubts and fears are coming up, you’re getting little clues and arrows pointing to where you need to have a look and see something. This fear is just protection. It’s just your ego trying to keep you safe because it remembers how hard all the past hurts were.

But being the switched on and powerful being you are at your core, you know that even pain is an important part of life, and some of your most valuable moments have been born out of pain and difficulty. And you wouldn’t want to rob yourself of those moments.

So why change now? This time is no scarier than any of the others, even though it really feels it. This time is no more cause for concern than any of the other times you were afraid and doubtful and you still got through. It only feels that way because the energies flooding the planet right now are huge, and the Twin Collective is feeling it especially.

If you’re struggling at the moment please know you’re going to be fine. You’ll be great in fact. You’ll get through and on the other side things will most probably look completely different. Take care of yourself first and honour whatever is coming up. It’s begging to be seen so that it can relax and stop trying to get your attention. Then you’ll have the energy for more important stuff, you after all have bigger fish to fry than your anxieties.

I have brought through codes specifically for the twins at this time. You will know if they are for you. If they are, please head to the link below. Once you have made the purchase you will be sent a file with a reading for this weekend and a JPEG image of the Source Code. You can download it to your computer or phone, put it as your background if you wish or print it out. Meditate upon it as much as you need. Just looking at it will help. The codes are absorbed by your consciousness through your eyes. There is no need to understand or read or work out what the codes are. Trust that your Self knows exactly what to do with the codes and how to take what it needs. Put them somewhere you will look at it often and don’t be concerned with “concentrating” on them, just look and allow. Most importantly trust your own intuition on how/when to use them. There are no set rules, you’ll know what’s right.

Sending love and gratitude to you all! Thank you for walking this journey with me. I know first hand how hard it can be and how hard we’ve all worked and i truly bow in such deep reverence for you and all you have endured. Take heart that you’re not alone and that the work you’re doing on this planet at this time is of the utmost importance and the highest value. You are so worthy of this great role, and i honour the commitment you’ve made to living a life that may never again resemble that of many of the people in your life. You’re doing beautifully, keep up the Magickal work ❤

Link to purchase: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/524605623/twin-flame-easter-codes-and-reading

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